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2016 In Review (where I took a reeeaaalllly long break)

2016 was not my year for blogging and reading. At all. 2015 on the other hand was great for me. I got into the habit of blogging and commenting regularly, my pageviews started to increase, and basically I was on a blogging high. Then 2016 came and I stopped reading. So I stopped blogging. But, it wasn’t a bad year. I made some really good friends in my last year of college and I met a guy who, miraculously, I’m still with one year later.

Then came university. Uni really put me back in my shell in some ways. With people I don’t know that well – and uni is basically a crap ton of people you randomly start living with – I’m not keen to socialise, I’m much happier on my own. But I’d spent so long not reading and blogging that getting back into those hobbies didn’t come as easily as I’d thought. This is a new year though and having spent one semester at university I’m ready to push myself back into reading and blogging because I do actually love it. Which brings me to my 2017 resolutions.


Some Resolutions for 2017

Let me start off by saying that I am pretty bad at keeping resolutions, especially specific ones, which is why I’m going to try and keep them as vague as possible. Which in hindsight doesn’t necessarily seem like it will work but I’ll give it a go.

  1. Read again! – Last year I have watched a LOT of trashy TV. Stuff that I don’t even enjoy but is just there to watch. I’m not saying I’ll scrap that but if I get into the habit of picking up a book before bed instead of the laptop then I think I’ll learn to love reading again.
  2. Get back to the blog. – This one depends entirely on resolution 1 because if I’m not reading then I’m not blogging. Having said that, I’m fairly confident I can achieve both of these if I just try and schedule it into my day. This makes it sound like a chore but unless I tell myself I need to blog then I won’t ever do it. Also, running this blog is costing me money and I don’t think I can justify another year of paying for it to gather dust.
  3. Socialise more? – I don’t actually know if I want this to be a resolution because socialising makes me want to break out in hives sometimes but I’m going to keep it there as a reminder that I will be a lot happier at university when I make closer friendships.

I think three is a nice number so I’ll leave it at that. There’s obviously the one about living healthier, which I tell myself every year, but I think I’ll stick with the reading and blogging for my 2017 resolutions.


That’s all for me! I know it’s over a week into January but if you have any resolutions for 2017 that you want to share, let me know in the comments!

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5 Responses to “Hey there 2017”

    • Zareena (The Slanted Bookshelf)

      Thanks, Stephanie! I don’t read historical fiction but I really enjoy it. I hope you reach your goals!

  1. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    Aw I really hope you can achieve your goals in 2017! It is SO hard adjusting to life away from home. I mean, I cried in bed my entire first semester, and went home as often as I could. So you’re already doing better if you’re watching trashy TV ;) In seriousness though, cut yourself a little slack- it is honestly a hard time in life. That said, blogging could be a great source of like, normalcy too. If you’re kind of overwhelmed, books are a great escape, of course. And I think your #3 goal is really great- it IS better with a few good friends! Maybe you can even find some fellow readers, that would be a great way to reach ALL the goals :D Good luck, dear!
    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted…January New Release Giveaway Hop!My Profile

    • Zareena (The Slanted Bookshelf)

      Aww thank you, Shannon! Yeah blogging is a great distraction/retreat for me. The second semester is off to a good start (one day in) so success :) Thanks so much for your comment!

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