Review: The Season of Lightning by Kate Avery Ellison

July 14, 2015 review 2 ★★★½

Review: The Season of Lightning by Kate Avery EllisonTitle: The Season of Lightning
Author: Kate Avery Ellison
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Emma meets Robin Hood in this antebellum-esque historical fantasy set in the same fantasy world as A Gift of Poison.

Verity Elysius is the only daughter of a famous retired general and rich plantation owner. She lives in an insulated world of wealth and privilege, where she spends her time riding her horse, sassing her lady's companion, and being tormented by the family's handsome but irritating nobleman friend, Lord Roth. But when a mysterious, masked vigilante called the Hawk begins stirring up trouble and freeing silvras, the oppressed lower class, Verity's world is turned upside down as she is challenged about everything she knows about her world and her place in it. 

(Summary from Goodreads.)

World-Building and Setting

Okay so I didn’t really realise that The Season of Lightning is set in a predetermined world from another one of this author’s series. There’s very little detail about the world that this book is set in and I would have liked a bit more background on the different countries, but having said that I wasn’t confused at all about the setting.


So the blurb of The Season of Lightning compares this book to Robin Hood. The only similarity that I saw is that there’s a vigilante and Verify – the main character – is from the higher social classes and gets involved in the “rebellion”. At the start of the book Verity is pretty naive and rude. The naivety is more due to her sheltered upbringing and the patriarchal society. Verify is expected to act like a lady and eventually marry a wealthy man. Now, she definitely has a sharp tongue which is something I generally like but in this case it was more insulting than witty. Rayen is a family friend and while he acts kind of smug sometimes Verity manages to insult him every single time he was around. At least for the beginning of The Season of Lightning. But to be honest, it took a long time for Verity to grow up and realise that being rude to someone who genuinely cares about you isn’t cool.

But Verity does change a lot throughout the book. She goes from being selfish and rude to having a better understanding of the world she lives in and how her actions affect others. In short, the author really develops Verity’s character, shaping her into someone who puts others first and whom I really liked.


Basically it’s a case of the slaves – aka the silvras- revolting and the “aristocracy/gentry” as such not being able to understand why the silvras don’t enjoy their life of poverty and hardship. Gee, I wonder why… Anyway, along comes a vigilante called the Hawk who is determined to free the silvras. But in this case the Hawk also wants to take revenge and goes about burning buildings, etc. The plot wasn’t super complex and I had a good idea of who the Hawk was but there was a slight twist at the end which I thought was good :) While it was fairly simple, this book grabbed me and wasn’t at all boring. I read this in one sitting because I really couldn’t put it down.

The Romance

The romance absolutely wasn’t the focus of The Season of Lightning and it worked really well. There’s no love triangle or anything and definitely no insta-love (I feel like I’m saying a disclaimer or something) but it was sweet and was worked into the plot well.

All Together

All in all I really enjoyed The Season of Lightning once Verify began to change. I would have rated this book higher if I’d liked Verity more throughout the whole book instead of the last two thirds or half. But I would recommend checking it out!

Young Adult

3.5 stars

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